Monday, 4 April 2016

Military & Police UFO Evidence With The Use Of FLIR Cameras

DR. BRUCE MACCABEE - The 2004 Mexican Air Force Encounter - And an Analysis of the Evidence. This in depth presentation covers all aspects of the recent Mexican UFO flap. The case consists of both infrared and radar returns of UFOs that were observed for a long period of time. The entire incident was recorded by a Mexican air force surveillance aircraft that chased these UFOs through the Mexican sky. Dr. Maccabee was given pristine copies of the recording, (which he shows) and also uses additional graphics explaining what you are seeing.

2013 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico UAP/USO

This is a Homeland security thermal video taken from an aircraft as it tracked an unidentified flying object. What you see is an object captured in infrared that seems capable of flying at night without lights, at very low altitude and at speed approaching 100mph, before disappearing into the sea.

For a full, detailed report into this case please follow this link... 

UFO FLIR Footage From Long Beach, CA Police Helicopter. 2004.
There is little known of this incident other than the police handed the footage over the the media scratching their heads of that the dripping object could be? What is interesting though is Lt Col Charles Halt from the famous Rendlesham UFO incident reported seeing what looked like 'dripping molten metal' coming from the UFO.

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