Sunday, 10 April 2016

UAP Captured on security camera

Multiple UFOs Captured On Security Camera., 2005.
The one advantage of security cameras is when used at night, the majority not only record in infrared, but sensitivity levels are increased somewhat making them ideal cameras for capturing possible unexplained aerial phenomena. The footage here was captured by a security officer who was working next to Southampton airport, UK. What makes this footage arguably unique is the fact unlike some security cameras that are static, this camera is under control. If the lights in this were captured by a static camera, you could argue that the lights are simply light reflections in the camera's optics, possibly by passing cars or something similar. As you can see by the footage, the camera pans round so the lights are in shot and even zooms in on them which shows the lights are actually in the field and not any optical aberrations such as lens flare.

This next piece of footage here is from an unknown source but appears genuine.  Filmed with an older hand held camcorder rather than a security camera, I'm not sure with it is filmed in IR or not, but you will see the similarities between the videos. Balls of light that hover interdependently or as couples and take off at speed. These small balls of light in each video seem to be the same type of phenomena. You will also notice at times the 'balls of light' will twinkle at if they are reflecting light, light that is reflecting off a flat solid surface. Again, these objects are actually there, not any lens artefact.


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  1. Hi Darren
    Ive followed your work here and indeed the the sadly now defuncted ufonv website for a good few years...i saw recently you modified the nikon coolpix thinking of doing this too...was it a complicated modification?